Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

There are over 50 spy/bug outlets within the UK not to mention the vast amount of bugs or eaves dropping devices available over the Internet or by mail order. In a recent survey, over 70% of London Private Detectives stated that they would plant a bug to obtain information. Telephone tapping is illegal under the 1998 Wireless Telegraphy Act, but the law relating to bugs and covert cameras is less clear. Under the Wireless Telegraphy Act any device which transmits a signal requires an OFCOM licence. It is estimated there are more than 200,000 bugs and covert cameras sold in Britain every year without a licence.

Threat and Risk

The threat from eaves dropping attack to business is on the increase and the vulnerability is increased due to the general pressure in business to succeed, the frequent use of rented buildings, and multi-occupancy buildings. Business espionage, fraud and identity theft is a growth industry and individuals and business groups alike are under constant threat and therefore at risk to the illicit means of eavesdropping.


Olchon's capability is provided by a team of experts who have technical aptitude, experience and a wealth of knowledge gained in the public sector and now employed in the private sector. It should be noted that this capability is most effective when employed in office hours, when the threat from eavesdroppers is at its highest however, it is acknowledged that this may affect business routine. A free, independent consultation with Olchon will give you peace of mind so that you can make a balanced business decision.

There is no governing body, legislation or law governing the conduct of TSCM teams. This interpretation or lack of direction is commonly flaunted by poorly trained, inefficient and maverick TSCM teams. Olchon strives to enforce legislation and has Standard Operating Procedures for a TSCM deployment.

OPSEC (Operational Security)

In order to achieve best effect from a TSCM search, it is imperative that appropriate OpSec be observed. If a potential eavesdropper or an individual is aware of an impending/underway inspection, s/he may have the opportunity to remove or remotely deactivate devices thus hampering the detection process significantly. Impending/underway inspections should not be discussed with persons not directly connected with the organisation or Olchon.

Olchon strictly advises their clients that a single point of contact (POC) is required throughout and information regarding a TSCM search is handled on a ‘need to know’ basis.

If you suspect you are under threat from eavesdropping, please Do Not call or email us from a suspect terminal or from an area under possible threat.


Having a professional TSCM team carry out a search of areas where sensitive information is discussed is good business practice. Being able to state to your visitors that ‘they are free to speak in a technically clean environment’ is a good marketing policy.

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