Personal Protection Services

Olchon offers a holistic approach to Personal Protection. Understanding the client's image, reputation, requirement and budget is considered before we offer a personal and/or technical security solution.


Communication with our client will ensure we understand your concerns and maximise your safety and protection, therefore minimising the risk. Conflict management and situation awareness are proven methods that mitigate conflict, ensuring good business practice and safety throughout.

Olchon has an extensive data base of Personal Protection Officers (PPO’s). This data base reaches out to other secure networks including UK Special Forces, Tier 1 MoD, Police agencies including Metropolitan, City of London, PSNI (RUC) and Los Angeles (LAPD). We also have access to Swedish and S African specialist PPO’s. All work carried out in the UK will be conducted by SIA Licensed personnel.

The Approach

Whenever possible and time permitting, the client will be offered:

  • A short Bio of the PPO or Bio of each member of the Team.
  • A full length photograph or passport size photograph (taken within 3 months of the request).
  • SIA License number.

Olchon’s personal protection officers are employed under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and work under the guidelines of the Data Protection Act (1998). This ensures Olchon’s continued commitment to the client and employee’s confidentiality, privacy and reputation.

Olchon offers the following personal protection services:

  • Executive Protection (Security Concierge Services).
  • Close Protection.
  • Female Close/Executive Protection.
  • Body Guard.
  • Executive Protection (Security Concierge Services)

Olchon’s Executive Protection Officers (EPO’s) deliver a security related concierge service for business travellers and executives, secure in the knowledge that the Executive(s) can concentrate on their core business. The EPO’s profile, personal skills and eloquence are projected into the Executive arena ensuring their corporate image is commensurate to the Executive under threat. Concierge services offered by the EPO are embraced in the overall protection including chauffeur, personal assistance and corporate facilitation services, depending on the Threat and Risk.

Flexibility is key. If the assessed Threat and Risk is increased, then a Close Protection Service will be offered and the remaining concierge services will be provided the other Olchon staff, allowing the Close Protection to concentrate on the safety of the client.

Close Protection

Close Protection is provided to the highest of standards using SOP’s, values and lessons learnt in our previous careers. Attention to detail, preparation for the unexpected and the ability to adapt and improvise in response to the ever changing situation are key attributes that our Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) deliver.

Female Executive/Close Protection

Olchon acknowledges that the personal protection of individuals is a male dominated industry. Niche female EPO’s/CPO’s compliment the male dominated team and in some cases provide the perfect profile, image and capability when protecting female Executives, families and children.

Body Guards (Front Line)

High profile, robust and reliable individuals, trained and trusted to protect the client in a hostile and high risk environment are offered when the threat or image dictates.

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