Threat & Risk Mitigation

Threat and Risk Assessments are a continual process that once started should be reviewed regularly to ensure the protection mechanisms in place still meet the required objectives.

The successful response to actual or potential security threat depends on the development of a Security Plan and a Policy & Procedures document. Olchon will evaluate the Threats, the Risks and your Vulnerabilities and develop a ‘living’ Risk Register which is comprehensive, easy to follow and designed with the clients requirements in mind.

Assessing the threats and risks by preparing comprehensive SVA’s (Security Vulnerability Assessments) using proven methods including CARVER or conducting Penetration Tests will ensure the client’s Risk Appetite is addressed with Safety and Security in mind.

Business Continuity

To maintain business continuity in a crisis, we will ensure the reputation of our client is sustained and enhanced. The provision of Business Continuity consultants working alongside management positions will develop practical procedures, aligned to work in adverse conditions, no matter what type of business our client is in. Good business practices and sensible Policies and Procedures are essential for corporate clients who require to maintain continuity in a crisis.

Crisis Management

Resolving and managing a crisis and mitigating the events that unfold will allow the client to concentrate on their core business. Olchon’s consultants have extensive experience in world events, crisis situations and conflicts and the time spent in preparation of a crisis will be rewarded when the unplanned event occurs.

By engaging Olchon, you can be confident that all Risks are mitigated and are comprehensively addressed. The following services are offered individually or collectively:

  • Independent and unbiased Security Surveys.
  • Conduct Security Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Active Penetration Tests.
  • Produce Security Policies, Plans and Procedures.
  • Plan and draft Business Continuity and Crisis Management Plans.

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