Casino & Gambling Protection

Technical security, intelligence and prevention of infiltration are invaluable constituents in safeguarding the integrity of a gaming operation.

Olchon can draw on decades of global expertise in gaming protection to deliver optimum solutions and peace of mind for both land based gaming operations and web based gaming systems. We will achieve this by installing and operating the most modern video surveillance techniques and systems and also by safeguarding the integrity of the communications and physical security of the web server. Olchon are fully versed in working at the project management and development stage of new operations.

Services include the following:

  • Design and installation of state of the art technical security systems
  • Technical Inspections (TSCM) of gaming establishments, both land based and web based providers
  • Physical security of land based casinos
  • Physical and electronic security of web based domiciliation
  • Background checks and vetting of personnel

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