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A responsive and robust communication systems is a key enabler to business. Olchon provides the full spectrum of communication solutions ranging from a handheld radio to a satellite terminal, from a laptop to the equipment to build and support a WAN.

Olchon offers communication experts with both public and private sector experience who provide design, installation, training and independent communications advice on your current platforms. This will allow you to concentrate on your core business, secure in the knowledge that this crucial element is taken care of.


Olchon has the capability to provide a variety of communication equipment. We are totally independent from any other communication company or supplier thus allowing us to provide you with the equipment of choice and within your budget. Our technicians have the expertise to integrate, modify and produce equipment to suit your needs.
Bespoke Equipment:

  • COBRA™ bagfit is designed to meet the needs of users who require high power, portable UHF and VHF communications in a compact and rugged package. The COBRA™ unit is self-contained and self powered and can be deployed in a variety of scenarios, in a patrol, a vehicle or as a base station.
  • VIPER™ enables HF, UHF and VHF networks to be extended, interconnected, monitored and controlled via the Internet. VIPER™ allows radio users around the world to be seamlessly interconnected allowing them to operate as if they were physically within radio range of each other regardless of which system they are using. With a host of advanced features VIPER™ represents the future of IP based radio networking.
  • WOLF™ is designed to provide a low profile platform for use by surveillance teams and individuals where permanent fitting into a vehicle is either not possible due to operational constraints or not practical due to high turnover of vehicles. The WOLF™ unit is self-contained and centred on a radio of choice which could be either a commercial or military unit.

IT Security

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Assurance are crucial to business. Information is a key asset and has the capability of being in many places around the globe at once which makes it difficult to monitor and control. So how do you manage this valuable asset?

Olchon provides some of the highest quality, independent ICT consultants (including CLAS consultants) to support your IT Security and preserving the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your system including drafting the following policies and documents:

  • Information Risk Management (IRM).
  • Annual Technical Risk Assessments.
  • IT Security Policies – ensuring legal, compliance and operational requirements are adhered to.
  • Independent ICT Health Checks (CHECK).

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