Covert Cameras

The deployment of a covert camera is a specialised capability. Our engineers learnt their practical procedures in some of the worlds’ sensitive regions where compromise was not an option. Olchon provides a cost effective rental system for individuals or business that require:

  • Protection of People, Property (including Intellectual Property) and Possessions.
  • Crime Prevention and essential evidence gathering in the detection of crime.
  • Monitoring of suspicious activity.

Olchon provides a responsive consultancy for all covert camera deployments and will guide you through the FOUR phases of a covert camera installation:

  • Planning.
  • Installation.
  • Retrieval.
  • Evidence Gathering (including expert witness if required) and Report.


The planning phase is key for any successful deployment. A limited ‘Need to Know’ policy is essential and the strictest of confidence throughout the phases will be required including the introduction of the local Police if necessary. Our covert camera consultation will consider the following in the planning phase:

  • Is it legal and is it intrusive?
  • Areas of Interest and the Operational Requirement of each camera.
  • Rental period to suit the objectives and the budget.
  • Documentation required to work safely and legally in your building. A Risk Assessment will be provided on request.
  • Best Practice. Olchon’s engineers will work under a BCF (Business Cover Facility) to ensure no connection to Olchon. I.e.
  • We will assume the business cover of our sister company for covert camera operations.
  • Installation procedures.
  • Retrieval procedures.
  • Evidence requirements.

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