Maritime Security

Recent high profile events have brought Maritime Security to the front pages of the broadsheets. The international maritime community will welcome the exposure as the high seas have often been neglected and poorly secured. Maritime security has been a long term problem in particular; piracy, drugs, human smuggling and the illicit trading of goods through international waters.

Olchon has a long standing affiliation with yacht brokers, yacht charters and the shipping industry and understands the dilemmas experienced by the maritime industry. Maritime security operations raise difficult issues in relation to international and domestic laws therefore; Olchon offers the following:

  • Protection measures on your vessels and assets including the safety of your staff, goods in transit and security when alongside.
  • Risk mitigation including legal implications when under threat.
  • The development of sustainable piracy operational procedures including self protective measures.
  • A balanced view on the application of lethal vs non-lethal force.
  • Anti-piracy strategies including the monitoring of piracy trends and tactics.
  • Crew preparation and training consistent with industry guidance and IMO resolutions.
  • Contingency planning and insurance requirements.

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