Asset Tracking

Lone Worker – Business Traveller Protection

'Love it or loathe it, the mobile phone', it is now a respected ‘third’ on the business travellers’ essential items list, coming in bronze position behind the dominant wallet and passport. With the GSM infrastructure continuing to grow at an unbelievable pace and the evolution of mobile phone technology and software, Olchon offers a global asset tracking service using a mobile phone as a monitoring tool and a panic alarm, connected to Olchon’s asset tracking software.

In this intensive, litigious and dangerous society we now live in, one of the major concerns of a major employer is security of assets. The pressure of employers to demonstrate duty of care for their prize assets, their employees, is ever increasing. The employer must cater for business time and provide protection to the loan worker in particular, the business traveller both on home soil and abroad. A duty of care is required when the employee is most vulnerable; travelling abroad, at leisure and out of business hours.

Asset Tracking

Olchon provides a global asset tracking capability, using satellite bearers and the GSM infrastructure to monitor the movement of your vehicles, your valuable consignment or your assets. As an independent company, we are not contracted to one particular capability, therefore offering the most appropriate solution ‘out of area’ or within the GSM infrastructure.

Using GSM, GPS and RF technology, Olchon has the technical expertise to insert some of the smallest, long term tracking devices into valuable assets (i.e. a Laptop) with independent battery and external power sources.

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