Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

It is an unfortunate fact that reported incidents of Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (KR&E) are significantly on the increase around the world, and it is now widely regarded as a perennial threat. Whilst KR&E is most prevalent in countries that are rich in natural resources but suffer from questionable social values, vulnerable judiciary systems and an inability to correctly enforce law; incidents are occurring in many other countries where it is used as a means to exert duress or reap vast criminal rewards for the perpetrators.

KR&E Risks

Employees of international companies and organisations are attractive targets to potential kidnappers, be they funded and organised terrorist groups or opportunists from the criminal fraternity. Whatever the motive for the attack they all have one thing in common: they will make demands be it for financial, proprietary or political gain.

Employers have a legal and moral duty of care to carry out proportionate measures to prevent such an atrocity. In today’s litigious society and with reputations high on any business agenda, the consequences of not having a KR&E contingency plan in place is potentially as traumatic for the business as the act of kidnapping itself.

KR&E Facts

  • It is the policy of HM Government not to negotiate with groups involved in Kidnapping.
  • Kidnapping, Extortion and Hijacking are among the world’s fastest criminal growth areas.
  • Whilst most kidnaps are not reported to the authorities, there are still over 15,000 incidents reported each year.

Olchon’s KR&E Capabilities

Olchon offers an exclusive and confidential KR&E consultancy service to business and recreational travellers venturing into high risk areas and to businesses with permanent employees residing in potentially volatile areas. Our experts have extensive, proven crisis incident response experience with former members of Special Forces, Police Officers, Hostage Negotiators and Intelligence Officers providing a direct, sympathetic and professional approach to a sensitive situation.

When the opportunist or professional kidnapper seizes the chance to take their perceived wealthy and prized asset, Olchon offers the following capabilities:

  • Family Welfare Team. The welfare of family members and dependents of hostages is of paramount importance as they can play a significant and proactive role in ensuring the safe return of a hostage. Our Family Welfare Team will be with you every step of the way.
  • Business Liaison Officers. A hostage scenario can be catastrophic in terms of business and reputational damage. Olchon’s experts advise and work alongside a company’s security management team ensuring the impact to business, including adverse publicity, is minimal.
  • Hostage Negotiation. Olchon only retains the services of highly trained and experienced Police and Special Forces negotiators. The well-being and safe return of the hostage is paramount and close liaison with the in-country Police and Counter Terrorism agencies is essential.
  • Asset tracking. Olchon has the capability to discreetly monitor the movements of mobile phones, laptop computers and other personal items. This capability is a vital tool in piecing together the intelligence jigsaw. We will be able to determine their last recorded movements and bring the kidnappers to justice by initially finding the hostages assets.

KR&E Mitigation Strategies

  • Travel Risk and Threat Assessment. In depth, up to date, bespoke country or city specific.
  • Travel Security Briefing and Guidelines. Personal Security, Group Security and Equipment Security.
  • Asset Tracking. The tracking of Laptops, mobile phones and vehicles gives the Police and Olchon’s retrieval service vital information and a last known location.
  • Personal Protection. In-country Executive Protection and security related concierge services.
  • Insurance Advice. Guidance on finding the right level of insurance to cover your needs.
  • Crisis Response, Business Continuity, Media Management and Family Welfare. Our foremost concern is for the safe return of the victim and the protection of our client's assets. The core function of the Olchon KR&E team is to assist and guide clients through what is without doubt a traumatic and distressing ordeal.


  • Kidnap: A seizure or detention of a person for the purpose of demanding unlawful gains including financial (ransom payments) or political (political gain/impact).
  • Wrongful Detention: Involuntary confinement of an individual by a terrorist or criminal organisation.
  • Ransom and Extortion: Financial gain following a threat to injure, maim or kill a kidnapped person. Additional physical or technical threats towards property, products and other assets could be made, as could the demand to release proprietary information and intellectual property.
  • Hijack: Illegal holding under duress, of a person whilst travelling on any aircraft, motor vehicle or waterborne vessel.

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