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Case Studies

Case Study 1: An Olchon consultant provided a US businessman a security related audit of his business (Data Centre Software) and then provided him with a service to physically and technically protect the CEO of the company when he travelled to Karachi, Pakistan.

Case Study 2: Large sporting events require extensive security planning. Olchon has provided and continues to provide high calibre consultants for some of the world’s and the UK’s high profile sporting events including the Doha 2006 Asian Games, Beijing 2008 Olympics and London 2012 Olympics

Case Study: A Facilities Manager of a chain of hotels required a security survey of his primary hotel due to the increased crime related incidents. We gave him a comprehensive Threat and Risk Assessment after completing a vulnerability assessment of the complex. This resulted in an installation upgrade of the CCTV and lighting system, integrating the monitoring and recording with the other four hotels in the chain.

Case Study 1. An Olchon consultant liaised with the security staff of a large international city bank in the planning and preparation of a major international meeting of senior banking executives (18 in total) in Belfast. The potential threat and risk was assessed and Olchon provided the Project Management, Executive Chaufferring and Executive Close Protection throughout.

Case Study 2. A high profile Hollywood celebrity required a low profile and discreet CP team and Chauffeur service for a business venture to London. The visit required extensive planning and co-ordination with the VIP’s Personal Assistant resulting in a successful, low profile business and social calendar throughout.

Case Study 1. Olchon technical staff have designed the VIP Personal Protection System using a varied range of equipment including covert CCTV cameras, a digital recording system and all transported in a Peli case with charging and monitoring equipment built within. The initial design was sold to the Ministry of Defence.

Case Study 2. A City Insurance company approached Olchon due to an overpriced and extensive design of a CCTV and Intruder Alarm system by another security company. Common sense prevailed and our qualified engineers provided a wireless Intruder Alarm and a monochrome/colour CCTV system both with external alarm response and with the clients requirement and budget in mind.

Case Study 1. Eavesdropping is on the increase and Olchon provided two teams of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) engineers in preparation of recent arbitration case involving a Law firm from USA. The hotel rooms, hotel conference suite and meeting rooms of the arbitration hearing including the IT System was technically and physically searched for illicit eavesdropping devices.

Case Study 2. The duty of care provided by a company for their employees whilst travelling overseas is provided by Olchon's asset tracking/mobile phone tracking service. A valuable piece of art was transported from USA to UK with a tracking device covertly attached. In addition, the courier was given a mobile phone with GPS capability which enabled the company to monitor both his and the consignments movements throughout.

Case Study 1: An Art Gallery owner had being fraudulently pressured into a business deal losing a substantial amount of business and money in the process. Olchon provided an investigative and surveillance service; an out of court settlement was the result.

Case Study 2: A large international corporate had a spate of laptops stolen from their premises. Olchon provided consultation with the City of London Police resulting in an extensive covert CCTV operation being carried out. With tracking devices installed into several laptops and with the evidence gained by covert cameras, the Police traced the thief and his accomplices to an address where an arrest and the recovery of laptops took place.

Case Study 1. Olchon provided a two man team for a large USA communication company for a MOD contract worth £200M. The successful consultancy provided ground truth and a unique insight on how their proposed communications and IT system would work in a military environment.

Case Study 2. A bespoke alternative to a proposed VHF/UHF infrastructure build saved a company a large percentage of their budget by providing an Internet based solution. This resulted in Olchon providing personal, vehicle, control room radios and an ongoing maintenance and support contract.

Case Study 1: Olchon has provided security and IT consultants for a large EU contract in Lithuania and Bulgaria. Training modules have been provided for their respective police departments in Witness Protection and their related services including Surveillance and IT penetration tests. In addition, a TNA was delivered in consultation with the Polish Witness Protection Police.

Case Study 2. Executive Chauffeuring, techniques training has been delivered to the Chauffeurs of a City bank revising them on skills not normally carried out on the public road including fast driving, evasive driving, skid awareness and a First Aid package relevant to a road traffic accident.

Case Study 3. Olchon is now providing consultants for the UK’s lead Technical Security training company (Tavcom Ltd) and instruction on their BTEC accredited ‘Counter Eavesdropping’ course.

In Summary

Olchon is an Asset Protection company with international connections, diplomacy and discretion, providing the highest of standards and quality throughout. We provide a truly global, consultancy and a follow up service in both the private and public sector in a wide variety of security related disciplines, tailored towards the clients own business plan, individual need, requirement, and budget.